Seminar "Managerial Effectiveness: EQ perspective"

In the modern corporate landscape, efficient managerial performance extends far beyond traditional leadership skills. This course is aimed at equipping leaders and managers with skills and strategies in five key areas: Growth mindset, Mindful listening, Giving and receiving, Feedback, Nonverbal communication, and Empowerment techniques. As a result, program participants will improve their communication and team collaboration skills, convey messages with impact and empathy, as well as empower teams to innovate and take ownership of their tasks. Together, these skills form the bedrock of emotionally intelligent leadership, enabling managers to navigate complexities, inspire their teams, and drive sustainable success.

December 1-2
Venue: offline in Astana
250 000 KZT*
(discounts are available - check with the manager for details)

What will you learn:
  • Understand techniques of building a Growth Mindset as part of organizational climate
  • Create awareness of and practicing strategies for Mindful Listening
  • Strategize and practice the art of giving and receiving Effective Feedback
  • Strengthen your Nonverbal Communication to increase credibility
  • Focus on Empowering Self and Others in order to maximize quality relationships and performance
Seminar "Managing Teams and People"
For whom:
  • Executives and Senior and Middle Managers
  • Emerging Leaders: Up-and-coming professionals who aspire to leadership roles

  • HR and Talent Development Professionals
  • Team Leaders and Supervisors: Those responsible for guiding and motivating smaller teams within the organization
  • Professionals in Transition: Individuals transitioning from technical or individual contributor roles into managerial positions
  • Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners
  • Any Professional Seeking Personal Growth

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