Seminar "Strategic Marketing"

“Marketing makes or breaks a business,” many experts claim. Strong marketing strategy is about driving profitable growth. What are the ideas behind the modern approach to marketing, and what are the processes and decisions that will help a manager develop a successful marketing plan? “Strategic Marketing” workshop is designed for managers and executives to develop their skills in understanding how to critically approach to marketing-related issues. The goal of the program is to sharpen the participants’ marketing skills, with an emphasis on developing, managing, and evaluating marketing activities which include (1) assessing 3C’s (company, customers, and competitors), (2) segmenting current and potential customers, and (3) developing plans for winning marketing strategy (product positioning, pricing, distribution, promotion/advertising). The course represents the blend of lectures and active learning methods, where students are engaged in active discussion and practicing exercises in certain topics to apply theoretical knowledge.

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Venue: offline in Astana
250 000 KZT*
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What will you learn:
  • Understanding fundamental concepts and tools of strategic marketing
  • Evaluation and addressing customer needs and maximization of the value for customers
  • Analysis of the market based on segmentation-targeting-positioning
  • Usage of competitive positioning, differentiation, including the use of perceptual mapping
  • Usage of integrated marketing for boosting overall marketing efficiency
Seminar "Strategic Marketing"
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For whom:
  • Entrepreneurs and owners of business
  • Company executives and managers
  • Heads of Marketing department, marketing managers and specialists
  • Any other interested specialists

Program Schedule

November 2-3

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