Seminar "Strategic Thinking for Value Creation"

In today’s increasingly dynamic environment, to compete successfully means creating substantial value for customers, stakeholders, and shareholders with the goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

In this intensive workshop, through a review of theory and best practices, the methods of how companies can pursue value innovation to outcompete their rivals explore will be explored. Participants will be introduced to a set of simple tools intended to further develop their capability to think strategically about the competitive environment, their customers and other relevant stakeholders, their company’s positioning against its rivals, and their company’s current and potential value propositions.

Examples of case studies will be provided to help facilitate participants’ understanding of the concepts and tools introduced in the workshop so that they will be prepared to apply them to pursue value creation for their own organizations.

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Venue: offline in Astana
250 000 KZT*
(discounts are available - check with the manager for details)

What will you learn:
  • Understand the importance of strategic thinking
  • Use tools to analyze the external competitive environment and internal organization
  • Understand what data to collect to understand the dynamic environment and business context
  • Convert the data collected into useful information
  • Develop actionable knowledge to pursue value innovation
Seminar "Strategic Thinking for Value Creation
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For whom:
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Consultants
  • Planners and analysts, and others in strategic positions

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