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The Executive MBA program provides a unique learning environment by bringing together professionals from a variety of fields. Training is conducted in English with simultaneous translation into Russian.
Cost & fees

Duration - 21 months

Full price - 20 286 000 KZT per year (without discounts)


1. For self-paying candidates - 50% OFF - 10 143 000 KZT (per year)

2. For employees financed by organizations below mentioned: the companies with 50% or more government voting shares or employees of the companies that are subject to small and medium enterprises - 50% OFF - 10 143 000 KZT (per year)

3. Employees financed by organizations with less than 50% government voting shares (including international companies) - 40% OFF -12 171 600 KZT (per year)

Additional information:

Before the first day of the orientation week, students may select a payment options individually.

For more information on corporate discounts, please, contact us at email: emba.admissions@nu.edu.kz.

Application fee:

The application fee is nonrefundable and cannot be waived. It must be paid with the application before the registration deadline.