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The NUGSB Master of Science in Finance program (hereinafter – MSc in Finance) is a specialized, quantitative course of study for highly motivated individuals seeking a career in the field of finance.
International Students

We warmly welcome international students to study at Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Business. Our admissions process and tuition fees are the same for all applicants. Registration for foreign candidates is only possible during early registration.

Astana city

Astana city is a large political-administrative, business and cultural centre of the republic. All central authorities of the country, diplomatic missions, headquarters of domestic and foreign companies, leading universities, state-of-the-art medical clinics and significant cultural institutions are located in this city.The shift of the capital has given a powerful impulse to Astana city’s economic development. The city’s high economic growth rates attract numerous investors. The volume of attracted investments from the time Astana city became the capital has increased by 30 times and the total regional product by 90 times. The share of the city’s economic activity contributes to about 8,5 percent of the nations’s GDP.

Visa support

Nazarbayev University welcomes foreign citizens who come to Kazakhstan to study. Before applying for a visa, all applicants must be accepted to a study program. Once the acceptance letter is sent to the student, NU will provide the applicant with the necessary approval documentation to be submitted when applying for a student visa. All International students need a Student Visa (C9 category) to come to Kazakhstan. This type of visa is given for a period of one year and allows you to make multiple entries to Kazakhstan. The visa shall be renewed each year.


Dormitory living brings set of rights as well as responsibilities. It is a new beginning for newly admitted student and the resident of Nazarbayev University dormitories. We are delighted to introduce them with an environment where we encourage the students to self-realize and be more active in the student life activities.

Language courses

The Department of lifelong learning offers the English language courses, preparation courses for IELTS, SAT international standardised tests, preparatory courses for international standardised tests for Nazarbayev University staff and external students, and administration of SAT, TOEFL, GRE international standardised tests. Course programs are developed in accordance with the standards for developing programs at Nazarbayev University.

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Senior manager for Admissions
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Zhasmin Yersaiyn
Manager for Admissions
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Specialist for Admissions
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